Expressions Research Orientations: Sexuality Studies

  EROSS@DCU is a sexuality-focused research cluster which 

 encompasses perspectives from human rights, law, sociology, media and communication studies, medical humanities, health, the arts, literature, music, cultural studies, language and linguistics, theology, philosophy...

EROSS@DCU recognises the intersectional  nature of gender and sex matters, and their intrinsic relationship to our experiences in the world as intimate, social and political beings. 

EROSS@DCU is free and open to researchers, activists, service providers or artists from fields interested in any aspects of all sexualities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. 

News and Events

Queer and Here course 2023/2024 

For LGBTS Migrants
6 Mondays before December 2023 

SEX Pan!cs

Dublin City University, Ireland
12-14 October 2023