EROSS@DCU Visitor Policy


EROSS@DCU welcomes a limited number of self-funded, visiting researchers for periods from one week up to four months. In return for desk space and library access, researchers will be expected to contribute to EROSS@DCU by participating in events, for example, by giving a seminar on their research. 


Prospective visitors need to be sponsored by an EROSS@DCU member. A small fee may be required by DCU for visiting scholars, which must be paid in advance of arrival. 


EROSS@DCU welcomes visiting researchers who may wish to undertake some teaching during their stay, subject to agreement. However, EROSS@DCU cannot accommodate those who wish to visit purely for teaching exchange purposes. In order to manage the visits in the most efficient and beneficial way possible, the following procedures must be observed: 


1. All visitors must first contact the member of EROSS@DCU (the ‘sponsor’) with whom they wish to work and agree in writing (i) the nature of the research project which is to be pursued (ii) the length of the visit, (iii) the number of meetings the visitor can expect to have with the member and (iv) the topic of the presentation/seminar the visitor will give.

2. This written agreement should then be forwarded to EROSS@DCU. We will contact the visitor, explain the facilities on offer, and make the arrangements for the visit. The sponsor will organise an orientation programme when the visitor arrives. They will introduce the visitor to other research students and members of EROSS@DCU. We will deal with any documentation associated with the visit. 

3. If the visitor is interested in partaking in some teaching activities, the sponsor will discuss this with us and the SALIS Head of School. 

4. We will have at least one informal meeting with the visitor during their stay.

5. Visitors will be asked to provide a short report on their stay before they leave.