Sex Pan!cs

Conference  2023

Abdellah Taïa 

Literary Interview on the occasion of the launch of Vivre à ta lumière (Paris, Seuil, 2022)

Professor Jarrod Hayes
Monash University, Australia

Keynote Address
25 Years of Queer Maghrebian Studies

Queered Women

Roundtable with  Aïcha Del-lero (gender diversity management), journalist Rania Laabid (Sex'pertise) and lawyer Ghizlane Mamouni (Collectif 490/Morrocan Outlaws)

Amina Zoubir

Curated Walk with Algerian artist Amina Zoubir around the representation of women in visual arts 

Non Binary Identities

Roundtable with  Camille Ben (Alouen/Egides), Oumaima Dermoumi (artist/Nassawiyat) and Ayouba El Hamri (Transat/ Nassawiyat)

Imam Ludovic Mohamed Zahed

Conversation around Muslim Faith and LGBTQ issues